A Patchwork Family by Cathy Bramley.

This story follow the main characters of Gina, Dexter, Violet and Bing. Gina is recently divorced and is beginning to learn that taking risks both personally and professionally can be a good thing. She lives on the edge of The Evergreens, a beautiful old mansion house. When its future is threatened she has to find a way of achieving the one thing she really wants, despite a range of obstacles getting in her way…some much closer to home and more personal than she first realised. This is a beautiful story about love, hope and ultimately who your family really are.

I first came across Cathy Bramley when I read the short story “We’ll Meet Again” and it instantly made me want to read A Patchwork Family. This was a lovely feel-good book and it just made me feel happy. I really liked the natural progression of all the characters and it all felt very real as a result. I liked how there were plenty of entertaining moments and it created a really nice pace for the story…..there were points where I genuinely didn’t know if there would be a happy ending and it made me root for all the characters even more.

This was the perfect spring-time read and I really warmed to Gina, wanting the very best for her. As a result of reading this book I instantly downloaded some more books by Cathy Bramley, and cannot wait to immerse myself in her world of writing again!

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