The Girl in the White Dress by Paul Barrell

Thank you to the author for sending me a review copy to read in exchange for an honest review.

The Girl in the White Dress centres around the main character Paul, who has a recurring dream / vision / nightmare about being on a ship with a mysterious girl. He knows that something happened but his memories refuse to be unlocked. This leads him down a path of discovery where he uncovers that his dream was infact true, and it leads to a series of events where he meets acquaintances from his past.

I thought that this story had a lot of potential and I was intrigued to find out the truth and discover whether his dreams were just dreams, or whether there was some truth to his visions….I think I was just hoping for a bit more depth throughout. I liked the way it shifted from 1974 to 2005 and the more modern day storyline did flow nicely – I was just waiting for some bigger cliff hangers, but that’s just my personal opinion.

I would however recommend this book if you like a bit of mystery in a story – and the fact that it was believeable gave it a good sense of credibility.

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