Rachel’s Pudding Pantry by Caroline Roberts

Rachel’s Pudding Pantry was a lovely feel good read whilst I was on holiday. It’s no secret that I love books by Heidi Swain so I chose to read this one as it seemed to be a similar genre.

The main plot focuses on Rachel, her Mum Jill and Rachel’s adorable daughter Maisie, who I completely fell in love with. Rachel needs to make the family farm more sustainable after a recent family tragedy. With her Mum she sets up a pudding business and Rachel, despite a bit of an age gap, grows closer to her neighbour Tom who she has known since childhood.

My thoughts: I loved the family feel of this book and I was surprised at how quickly I took Rachel, her Mum and Maisie to my heart. I woke up wanting to know how they were getting on one day!! Having family that live in the countryside myself, I could really imagine it all happening and pictured the perfect setting in my head. This made the whole book come to life a lot more for me, and I really liked the bond of the whole community (again a similar thread that runs through Heidi Swain’s books).

Overall I would give Rachel’s Pudding Pantry 4 out of 5 stars and I would recommend it as a feel good relaxing read. I’ve already downloaded Caroline Roberts’ sequel Christmas book ready for when December arrives!

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