The Cherry Tree Café by Heidi Swain

I first came across Heidi Swain this summer when I was looking on my kindle for a new book to read whilst on holiday. I read “Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage” and just instantly fell in love with the residents of Wynbridge, and Heidi Swain’s writing style. I immediately wanted to read everything she had written and immerse myself even further in the small village of Wynbridge, so I bought a further four of her books!

The Cherry Tree Café was the first book that Heidi wrote and I loved starting right at the very beginning of her journey, meeting all the characters for the first time and finding out a bit more about those that I had come across in ‘Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage’.

The Cherry Tree Café focuses on the story of Lizzie and how she has to return to Wynbridge feeling sorry for herself and ready to start again. She faces many life-changing decisions (that I think a lot of people in their late 20’s can relate to) and this was one of the aspects that made the book so enjoyable for me, because as a reader I almost felt the need to shout at the book when it looked like Lizzie was going to make the wrong choices! For a debut novel I thought ‘The Cherry Tree Cafe’ was absolutely outstanding and I would highly recommend if you want to read a book where it feels like the characters really become friends. Whenever the door opened of ‘The Mermaid’ I felt like I was personally welcoming the characters in!

I am currently reading my third Heidi Swain book and so far they have all followed a similar pattern of a resident returning to Wynbridge and using the magic of the place to rebuild their lives. The character’s are so likeable that I have enjoyed following this same theme and always look forward to seeing how life will work out for them.

I cannot wait to continue to read everything Heidi has ever written….next up will be her Christmas offerings!

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