The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan

This is the second book I have read by Sarah Morgan, the first being Holiday in the Hamptons, and it was really interesting to see how she had continued the theme of sisters, and the close and often complex relationship that forms and changes between siblings. I love the way that Sarah Morgan focuses on the little details of a person’s character or memory, often long forgotten moments, and brings them to the forefront of her exploration of families.

I absolutely adored The Christmas Sisters. From beginning to end I couldn’t wait to turn the page and I found myself thinking about the characters when I wasn’t reading the book, wondering what they would be doing…quite a few times I had to remind myself that they were not real people! That is how Sarah Morgan weaves her magic, she creates characters that are so likeable, real and relateable that they wind their way into your subconscious and end up feeling like old friends.

The story focuses on three sisters; Posy, Hannah and Beth. They have all taken different paths in life yet every Christmas they come together in Scotland, not always through their own choice. The story picks up when all three sisters appear to be at very different crossroads in their lives and they end up having to face some difficult truths, some uncomfortable conversations and some life shifting realisations.

Sarah Morgan writes in such a way that I really did feel this book was like a hug in a mug, ‘cosy’ was one way I described it when I was asked, and I mean this in an entirely positive manner. It is the perfect book to read with a warm blanket, hot cup of tea and a few hours of ‘me’ time.

My only regret is that it was not longer and I wish that there was a sequel, as I would love to know what the McBride sisters are up to now!

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